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A little bit about me!

My name is Angie Lowis, Vancouver Digital Content Creator. My page is specializing in family activities, events, playgrounds and waterparks in Lower Mainland, BC. I also often posts about family lifestyle and simple meal plan ideas. I am Indonesian Chinese. I speak English, Hokkien and Bahasa. I have a super happy and active 5 year old son so I have to keep finding ways in entertaining him by exploring cool and awesome events all around town.

I studied Accounting, Transportation and Logistics at UBC. I did Summer Exchange Program in Europe, went to 10 countries and 20 cities in 6 weeks. It was one of the best time in my life. I used to work in corporate office from 9 am to 6 pm as a Logistic Coordinator before I had my son.

I started my Youtube channel on my spare time as a hobby to survive as a new mom. I started on instagram by posting lots of hidden gem and hidden playgrounds in Burnaby as not many people know about playgrounds in this city at that time. I also found many hidden gem and family drop-in for families and kids that I did not know before I had a kid so I shared them to my close friends and they all seem to like it. Since then, my instagram page has grown to one stop place for parents and families in Lower Mainland, BC to explore upcoming events and shows all around town.

I post on my Instagram daily featuring family activities, upcoming events, playgrounds and waterparks all around Lower Mainland, BC. Follow me to make sure you do not miss out any cool and awesome upcoming events all around town!